A follow up on problems the Cryptopia exchange has (because I got scammed).

Well my fellow Steemians… as you all could have read in what I posted yesterday… I got scammed for the very first time in the crypto sphere.

It was due to a set of factors that were taken advantage of. Concluding I would have to blame the Cryptopia exchange though because they are definitely not doing everything they can to inform and protect users. The reason why is explained in yesterday’s post.

Today I wanted to withdraw some Innova coins and I had already read about withdrawal issues on Cryptopia in different Discords. So I placed a ‘test’ withdrawal with a small amount of Innova coins.


I placed this order about an hour ago. The status of my withdrawal is still set on PENDING and there is still NO transaction ID created/visible for me to see where the coins are right now in the blockchain. Even Bitcoin transactions are faster than this! But this is due to problems that apparently Cryptopia is dealing with and it has been going on for a while now from what I have read in Discords.

Take a look at the following that has been said in the Innova Discord:


Putting the rant about ROI etc. aside… the first person mentions that his withdrawal has been stuck for 10 days and he hasn’t received a response from support! The second person stated that his transaction took 10 hours. That’s a whole lot better, but still…. 10 hours is ridiculous.

So I’m hoping my transaction and the ones that will follow will go through much much faster because I do plan to take all my coins from this exchange unless they start communicating about the withdrawal issues, possible other ones and perhaps even acknowledge that their user interface needs to be improved in order to better inform and protect their users so that the scam I fell for will not happen again.

As of right now I would have to advice: do not set foot on Cryptopia unless you are 100% sure of what you are doing and there is no other exchange where you can get the coins that you want. Move funds in and out as soon as possible. It’s the crypto wild wild west out there and there are only a handful of exchanges that deserve to be trusted and communicate WELL. My personal favorite and the one I can recommend is Binance.

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