Amazon Dash is here, we already have Appie

amazon dashI often think about living in the United States. I’ve been there a couple of times and technology wise they are are just so ahead on almost everything, if you like tech and gadgets it simply is the place to be. Recently I’ve come to learn about one of  Amazon’s latest innovations, the Dash, and it is really cool. It will become a game changer, especially in the grocery market, we just need time to adapt to a service like this. Another big plus for Amazon is that they can deliver a whole lot more than groceries. Check out this next video in order to quickly grasp the concept.

This little device will most definitely become a huge timesaver and I’m sure that if the price of the products is just about right (if the service is excellent people wouldn’t mind paying a little bit more), the device itself made a little smaller (or even better: no device but an app for your smart phone!) it will become a huge success. It’s another leap forward in how we can gain from technology.

You would think that this is a brand new state of the art concept but you would be wrong. Albert Heijn (a Dutch grocery company) has been experimenting with a service like this since 2010! Their app is called “Appie” and their service is actually better than Amazon’s if you look at it as a whole. And yes, they deliver to your home as well. Check out this next video to see some of Appie’s functionality (in Dutch though):

Makes me wonder why we aren’t using it in our household. Come to think about it, I don’t really know anyone that uses this service. We order so much online but never our groceries. One of these days I will talk to the misses about this and see if we can jump into it. I would do so right now but I can’t, because she’s out shopping for groceries!

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