Anonymous cryptocurrency PIVX makes a world-first tech breakthrough

Very soon the @pivx developers will enable another crypto first: zPoS.

For everyone not familiar with the lingo: zPoS basically means stealth staking. For everyone not familiar with that lingo: you can soon get rewarded by helping the network by holding zPIV in your wallet in an anonymous fashion!

Schermafbeelding 2018-05-07 om 15.57.55.png

Stealth staking has never been done before in the crypto sphere!

The run-up to this humongous milestone has been amazing as well. In order to make this possible the PIVX developers had implemented a custom version of the Zerocoin protocol into a Proof of Stake coin, which also was a crypto first, for example.

The PIVX developers keep breaking ground by implementing cutting-edge technology, tech that has never been done before. Slowly but surely the world is getting to know more and more about PIVX and we’re seeing more and more media coverage. Take a look at this article for example:

If you’re really interested in cutting edge technology… do a little bit of research and chances are you’ll land at PIVX.

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