Anyone out there that has suggestions for new tasks that we could pitch to the PIVX fancorps team?

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If you’ve been following me you know that many others (over 350) and I now help PIVX by executing simple tasks via Fancorps (referral link inside). PIVX has created a win-win situation for everyone involved, we can actually earn credits by executing tasks that help PIVX and these credits can be redeemed for actual PIV! Everyone can join in order to have PIVX spread the purple love all over the internet.

What is Fancorps?

Quoted from an earlier post of mine: “Fancorps is an online platform that can be used by brands in order to activate their community to do tasks in exchange for rewards. The tasks are really easy to do, sometimes fun and hardly consume any time at all. Most of them are about posting a brand related message on one of your own social media accounts and uploading proof that you actually did. The task will get reviewed and when verified you will get rewarded! Some tasks are awarded with more credits than others, some can only be executed once and others can be done every week.”

What kind of tasks are we talking about?

At the moment there are a total of 40 tasks listed and they’re mostly about the following:

  • Follow PIVX on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Steemit, etc.
  • Like, comment and share a recent PIVX post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Steemit, etc.
  • Write an original piece of your own and share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Steemit, etc.
  • Vote for PIVX on…

Some can only be done once of course and the others are repeatable.

Any suggestions for new tasks that I could pitch to the PIVX Fancorps admins?

I’ve seen the question get asked a few times on Slack and on Discord: “Can anyone think of new tasks that we could add to the list?” Occasionally a new idea pops up and a task gets added. A new task means more PIVX promotion potential and more potential credits to be awarded.

With this post I would like to see if we can get some new ideas for some new tasks that I could pitch to the PIVX Fancorps admins. As the current #2 on the leaderboard I might be able to put in some extra weight when I pitch the tasks.

Tasks should at least help PIVX in some promotional way. I know they would love tasks that we could do outside of the digital realm as well, tasks that might be about doing something in the community that you’re active in.

If you can think of anything, please let me know and we will quickly discuss the potential of it. DISCLAIMER: I’m only asking to help PIVX, there is no incentive for me to be gained other than being able to eventually execute more tasks 😉

Would love to hear from you! Also, if you’re not a PIVX fan yet and want to join the team make sure to go to Fancorps and register!

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