Best settings for the LG 55UH850V

After a few months of watching the LG 55UH850V (through a CI+ module) movies, series (Netflix in 4K and Dolby Vision through the Netflix app on the tv and otherwise through the latest Apple TV with the Infuse app) and gaming on an Xbox One S I’m now pretty much done with calibration of the settings having achieved the optimum image possible in my opinion. One of the reasons I bought this tv is because according to many reviews the colors are calibrated very well out of the factory, I don’t have the proper tools to calibrate the color settings myself but watching the tv with these settings does not make me wonder if a professional calibration is needed anymore.

EDIT: I’ve written a new post with even better settings! Click on this link to go to that post.

Now, these settings work best for me in my living room. With my specific lighting. I don’t set different settings for day and nighttime viewing and I don’t have different settings for different devices/inputs. Since all my devices (Apple TV, Xbox One S) enter the tv through 1 HDMI cable coming out of the Denon X1300 receiver this doesn’t even matter in my case. I do have different settings for regular (4K) viewing and HDR (Dolby Vision) content because the tv uses different settings for regular viewing and HDR.

I calibrated everything by using the Xbox One S calibration tutorial and by using some calibration apps that are available on the Apple TV.

If you bought this tv, I’ve noticed that a lot can be improved by adjusting most of the settings straight away in order to get rid of judder, backlight bleed and a lot of other annoyances. While every panel might be different, if you’re not going to have your tv professionally calibrated it’s fine to take settings from another person, watch how it looks a few hours in order to get used to a more realistic picture and calibrate according to your own taste.

Regular tv viewing settings (non HDR) that I use for the single HDMI input and live TV:

Picture menu:

  • Expert (Bright Room)
  • Aspect ratio – Original
  • Energy saving – Off

Picture mode settings:

  • Backlight: 75
  • Contrast: 95
  • Brightness: 56
  • H Sharpness: 10
  • V Sharpness: 10
  • Colour: 55
  • Tint: 0

Expert controls:

  • Dynamic Contrast: Off
  • Super Resolution: High
  • Colour Gamut: Extended
  • Edge Enhancer: Off
  • Colour Filter: Off
  • Gamma: 2.2
  • White balance – Colour Temperature: Warm2

Picture options:

  • Noise Reduction: Off
  • MPEG Noise Reduction: Off
  • Real Cinema: On
  • Motion Eye Care: Off
  • LED Local Dimming: High
  • TruMotion: Clear

HDR (Dolby Vision) viewing settings:

Picture menu:

  • Dolby Vision Vivid (user)

Picture menu settings:

  • Backlight: 50
  • Contrast: 100
  • Brightness: 50
  • Sharpness: 10
  • Colour: 70
  • Colour Temperature: C50

Picture options:

  • Noise Reduction: Off
  • LED Local Dimming: High
  • TruMotion: Clear

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