Binance is back online! 70% discount on trading fees until 2018/02/24 00:00 AM (UTC)!

Binance is my favorite exchange

For a little while Binance has become my favorite exchange for all my cryptocurrency trading needs! Binance has a lot going for them:

  • Lots of coins
  • Lots of volume
  • Low fees
  • Very responsive website
  • Good design
  • Referral program

Planned and unplanned downtime

I was very happy with Binance. Very recently they went went down for a planned system upgrade which should have only lasted a short amount of time but all of a sudden they ran into unexpected problems… What was supposed to be downtime of a few hours max turned out to last 31 hours…

Lots and lots of people got really mad, people claimed Binance was hacked, people claimed they lost coins, it all led to lots and lots of FUD. I didn’t like one bit of the FUD and I waited patiently for the exchange to come back online while I kept track of their updates via their Twitter account.

Great communication by the Binance team

And I must say, kudos to Binance for keeping everyone posted with updates every few hours during the entire period! What a great effort in keeping everyone informed.

Sometime this afternoon Binance came back online and everything is working smooth and they came back with a bang:


More than two weeks of trading discount for all of us! 70%!

Wow… what a great way to come back! 70% discount on trading for over two weeks… wow. That’s very very chic!

Welcome back Binance! I hope to be trading on your exchange for a long time to come.

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