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Last weekend we finally decided to go to a Challenge Room also known as an Escape Room with some family. These rooms are a becoming a huge new trend after they became popular as apps on your mobile devices where you would have to solve puzzles by tapping the screen to gather information and perform certain activities like opening drawers, finding keys and unlock stuff.

This concept actually works great in real life! The goal of a Challenge Room is simple: escape within the given time (usually an hour). You literally get locked up in a room which has a specific theme (our chosen room was set up as a Dr. Freud theme) and when the door closed in our case we were shown a short video of a crazy and evil Dr. Freud who didn’t seem to have nice plans for us if we would not able to escape. When the video stopped the lights went off and started to flicker and the clock started ticking which remained constantly visible on the monitor giving you this sense of urgency. From this point on we were allowed to look around, try to open cabinets and see if we could find a lead to really get started.

We were a group of six and it immediately became hectic, everyone was running around and literally everything seemed to be a clue making things really difficult. The trick is to focus and find out what can be done and start puzzling in order to open lockers, drawers, cabinets and find keys and new puzzles along the way. With every single puzzle that we managed to solve things got more and more exciting because you get the feeling that you are on the right path in order to escape, but at the same time the clock kept ticking and ticking and this also gets your adrenaline up.

An hour seems quite long but as a matter of fact it isn’t, time flies… Unfortunately we as a group were not able to escape without receiving a few clues along the line from the person who was monitoring us. Without those clues we would not have been able to escape in time or maybe ever… who knows. But luckily we did escape. The person who monitored us told us in the end that there was only one group that managed to escape with only receiving one clue, that’s very impressive.

After having experienced a Challenge Room we were talking about this addictive feeling we got from it and we definitely will be trying other rooms throughout the country soon. They really are a lot of fun!

challenge room

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