Check out this PIVXpress! History has been made by PIVX (again)!

Good day folks!

A few days ago PIVX made history (again) with the release of the latest core wallet which made zPoS possible. PIVX is now “the” first and the only Proof of Stake coin that can stake privately. It’s done though the new ability to stake the zerocoins (zPIV). This means that the blockchain is (partially) validated by coins on the network that are completely private & not visible in any addresses. No one will be able to know how many coins you have by using zPIV and you get rewarded for staking them! If you ask me, being able to stake your zPIV is an absolute GAME CHANGER.

Check out the latest PIVXpress for a little bit more info:

For everyone interested in crypto and especially the ones with (true) privacy features… Take a look at the manifesto on the website, take a look at the roadmap for 2018. There is constant innovation and another big one will be coming: zDEX. An in-wallet decentralized exchange.

Oh yeah… I got a great shoutout in one of these PIVXpress videos again! 🙂 AWESOME

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