Drake Boy Meets World Tour Amsterdam

After some rescheduling Drake finally started his Boy Meets World Tour in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam on the 28th of January. He claimed that he needed to reschedule because of some technical issues but we never really found out why exactly. Needless to say once the show started I guess the entire audience quickly found out that Drake really made a huge effort to put on an awesome show.

He had a huge video wall capable of projecting video in a very high resolution that I hadn’t seen before. Almost always the video is blurry and you can almost count the pixels but this was completely opposite. He had fire on stage and lots of it. There were fireworks. Two pieces of the stage that could come out and rise very high.

Ofcourse he had countless regular lights to put on a light show but he also had many special balls of light that could change colour which were hanging from the ceiling covering almost the entire floor. These balls could move up and down in different patterns and it was awesome to see. They came so low that you could almost touch them. During the last part of the show Drake moved to the center stage to perform in the middle of the Ziggo Dome. At one point a huge globe came out of that podium on which the moon or the sun was projected.

But all of that doesn’t do much if the artist doesn’t bring it but Drake sure brought it, performing hit after hit. There wasn’t a dull moment. The crowd went absolutely nuts numerous times during the entire show but especially when he started one of the last songs of his set list: ‘Know Yourself’. Too bad that this particular song cannot be played on YouTube due to copyright issues, but I’ve been able to upload a lot of other songs on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

If you like Drake make sure to go see his Boy Meets World Tour while you still can because the rumour is that after this tour he will focus on his acting career again. If you’re not able to go then here are some of the videos of the concert which can be found on my YouTube channel:

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