FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil not on Xbox One

These last few years our friends at EA Sports have been making the best soccer game there is beating Konami with their Pro Evolution soccer, no doubt about it. Even though I’m a very casual gamer I really do enjoy the casual online soccer match and I’ve been buying every edition of EA’s FIFA for the Xbox 360 and recently the Xbox One. FIFA 14 on the Xbox One is absolutely better and even more amazing than it is on the Xbox 360 so if you’re a ‘footie’ fan and are thinking about buying the Xbox One I would suggest to go ahead and do it. It really is a big step forward.

Even though the Xbox One is rather ‘new’, game developers have been able to develop games for this next generation platform for quite a while. This is one of the reasons I simply do not understand why EA has not been able to create the World Cup edition for the Xbox One. Instead they seem to be releasing it only for last generation consoles. EA has spoken about it but I think their reasons are just well thought of excuses in order to justify why they have decided to skip developing for the Xbox One. The reasoning must be that they simply decided that the user base on the Xbox One is currently too small in order to make a profit that is big enough for them and that developing for the platform seems to be quite difficult. Somewhat of a resource issue. No doubt they would make a profit if they would have done it, a lot of people would definitely buy the game as always (it doesn’t really matter if they release a stand alone game or an add-on as downloadable content), but just not enough to put in the necessary effort.

Rumor has it though that Playstation 4 owners will be able to play this years World Cup edition. For us Xbox One owners it really is turning out to be a big shame.

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