FUCKtoken is sponsoring Conor McGregor!

The cryptocurrency market space is booming. One of the 972 cryptocurrencies that we know of right now according to our buddies at coinmarketcap is the FUCKtoken (or perhaps this will be #973… the list is way too long). Wrote a little something about it earlier, click on this link.

Anyway… The FUCKtoken ICO is now live and it seems that they’ve stepped up their marketing game in the most epic way thinkable. We all know Conor McGregor will fight Floyd Mayweather in August and their doing their pressers right now. We all know Conor McGregor has a very distinctive “fuck you” in his trash talk arsenal.

Here is what the marketing geniuses at FUCKtoken have done.

They actually gave Conor McGregor a custom made, custom fitted FUCK YOU suit! This suit doesn’t have a nice pin stripe… no… it says FUCK YOU all over the suit. As a proper FUCK YOU Floyd Mayweather.

Here’s the proof:

The token itself and the marketing was already epic. With this suit and Conor McGregor it’s even more epic. They’re winning on so many levels. Who can resist buying into their ICO now???

*disclaimer: FUCKtoken probably didn’t come up with the idea to get Conor this suit… but they should have!

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