Get your Ledger Nano S with a sweet 20% discount!

Ever since I got into the crypto game I knew that I would need a greatly secured device to store my crypto on. After doing some research I decided that the Ledger Nano S was the way to go and I ordered one. Because of overwhelming demand it took them quite some time to deliver it to me, but when it arrived I was very happy and I wrote a short post about it.

I also wrote an unboxing post and one about the setup process.

I’ve been using the Ledger Nano S for quite some time now and I’m perfectly happy with it. I still believe it’s one of the best devices out there. Normally it is a bit expensive with it’s retail price of $99,99, although… if you’re planning to store a lot of crypto on it seriously exceeding the price of the device itself I reckon it’s a no-brainer to pay for the security and ease of use that the device brings.

Good news for everyone interested in buying a Ledger Nano S!

Today Ledger announced that they currently sell the Ledger Nano S with a sweet 20% discount!

Schermafbeelding 2018-10-16 om 11.10.41.png

So from October 16th to the 22nd you can get the device for $79,99 which is quite the deal. If you’ve been thinking about getting one then now is the time.

Ledger Live

The Ledger team continues to work on supporting more and more cryptocurrencies and one of their latest great milestones, the Ledger Live app, is really great. The Ledger Live app is a huge improvement on managing you’re crypto assets in a very user friendly interface.

Schermafbeelding 2018-10-16 om 13.00.19.png

As always, do your own research but if you want to store your crypto in one of the safest manners possible I believe the Ledger Nano S is most definitely worth its money. You can order one by clicking on this link which holds my referral code.

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