Got some CPU power to spare? Help me mine! And start mining yourself! :)

So I started to looking into mining again because I got really bored and I wanted to play with tech. I’ve got a pc that I used to use for home theater purposes that is collecting dust ever since I bought the latest AppleTV and we’ve got a MacBook which sits idle a lot as well. Made me wonder… could I use that CPU power to mine and what would it get me?

I quickly figured that it wouldn’t surpass the electricity costs and it will not make me rich at all but I thought “what the heck”, I’m going to mine! Let’s put that AMD-A6 5600k and that MacBook to work! Haha.

But how to mine. So many different options. After some research I landed on Minergate. Yes I know that I could probably get a higher hash rate by using another service but the Minergate software makes it so damn easy that I couldn’t resist going for that option. I really hate command prompts, I hate software that is badly made and makes you do a lot of stuff after installing. Minergate solves it all. Easy does it!


Steps taken:

  • go to Minergate (affiliate link inside URL)
  • create an account (very easy registration process)
  • download the Minergate software
  • install it
  • open the Minergate application
  • fill out your e-mail address and click on Start/Go

The Minergate software will automatically select which cryptos can be mined best and start doing so. If you don’t have a GPU such in my case it will probably choose to mine Monero (which was what I wanted anyway). It also started to mine FantomCoin.

Take a look at my amazing speeds and what I made so far! (Software has been running for 18 hours or so)


Did I say it will not make me rich? But, I love to watch the counters rise though! At least those computers are doing something now haha. I’ve also got another (way better) laptop from work that I want to have mine as well but I need to do that virtually by running a Windows 10 image (or another OS) virtually. I need a setting changed in the BIOS first, but I need to contact the IT department first because the BIOS is password protected.

I will also check with family members to see if I can get them to mine for me or with me. There’s always that affiliate program, so if you can get a few people to register by using your affiliate code they will help you because you will get a percentage of what they mine. And this is what can make a lot of difference.

So if you’re looking for easy software, got some CPU’s that are doing nothing and want to get some cryptos that you can sell eventually or trade, why not use Minergate?

And if you would like to help me by registering with this Minergate link It would be AWESOME!

Happy mining my fellow Steemians! 🙂

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