Have you heard of Airdroptator? A super easy way to manage airdrops!


In an earlier post of mine I wrote about Airdroptator.

It’s a new platform that I’ve started using just a few weeks ago. Here’s a short re-cap of my earlier mentioned post:

What is an Airdrop?

Airdrops are a new phenomenon in the crypto sphere and it’s basically a method of distributing coins for free. More and more new cryptocurrencies are starting with a pre-mine phase and (a percentage of) the coins that get mined will usually get distributed amongst everyone that have signed up for the Airdrop where you’re usually asked to register and execute a social task in order to promote the cryptocurrency or platform. You’ll then get an X amount of those coins as a reward!

The problem with these Airdrops is that there are currently so many and with more to come it’s getting harder and harder to keep track of it all and this is where Airdroptator comes in!

What is Airdroptator?

Airdroptator enables you to register for all current Airdrops. They keep track of all the Airdrops and they make it easy for you to sign up for each and every one of them and execute the tasks. They even tell you exactly what you need to input where whenever there’s a question that needs to be answered correctly.

Easy does it

All you have to do is sign up for Airdroptator so it can keep track of your Airdrops and click on the Start Rotator button. You’ll then be presented with an airdrop website at random and Airdroptator will tell you what you need to for that specific airdrop. You can then decide if you want to do it or move on to the next one.

Get your friends onboard

Airdroptator also has a referral system in place so if you sign up, share your referral link and you’re friends will start using it as well, you can get rewarded with even more tokens of completed airdrops.

Go on and take a peek at how it works, I’m sure you’ll find it real easy to use.

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