Here’s probably THE GREATEST video of a cryptocurrency ever.

And it’s not even about the cryptocurrency (the technology) itself! Although if you’re into cryptocurrency you should know by now that the PIVX developers are technology leaders and true innovation happens at PIVX. Many many other projects are waiting for them do deliver another crypto first to copy the code (with or without letting people know where it comes from)…

No, the video is about something else. Something many other projects lack. The video paints a picture of genuine community as expressed by that person in their culture. You can replace what you see with your own cultural experience (the location, the people, the table and the food). The analogy is that great things happen when people come together to eat with like-minded people and the same applies to the people gathering around a project like PIVX.

PIVX is more than a currency. It’s an adventure… a cause… an epic story we are all starring in.
PIVX is building something much different than crypto has ever experienced.

If you’re into cryptocurrency and you’re looking for a project that truly focuses on everything it needs to stay relevant in the future and grow into achieving a dominant position in the crypto sphere than this video is a must see. If does not resonate with you in some way… I don’t think much will.

Press play on the video below to view “The Table”

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