I connected and installed my Xbox One X Scorpio Edition! Something really surprised me!

Yesterday afternoon I received my Xbox One X Scorpio Edition and I wrote this unboxing post about it. I was real glad to have received it on launch day because when you order stuff online it’s always the question if it will be delivered on the day they claim they will. I know for a fact that for some people it didn’t get delivered on launch day, @spartan23r ordered the Scorpio Edition way sooner than me at the same store but didn’t get it yesterday. He was real unlucky… He told me he will get it today though!

Getting new hardware is one thing, unboxing another and connecting it and setting it up is another one. Yesterday evening when our kids were finally asleep I finally found some time to disconnect my now ‘old’ Xbox One S and connect the new powerhouse that is the Xbox One X. It’s at the same spot as where the S used to be, in a cabinet next to my receiver.

Take a look at how sleek it looks:


Here is a close up of the special Scorpio Edition engraving on the console:


Microsoft has done a great job at making the migration from an ‘old’ Xbox One to the new X real easy. It has been propagating an app on Xbox for a few weeks now which guides you through the steps you can perform to migrate everything over (account, settings, games and apps). In my case I had already connected a USB drive on which I had installed all games and apps, the migration app copied all the rest over. All I had to do now after connecting the X was connect the USB drive before turning it on.

When I turned the X on it had recognized the USB drive and it asked me if I wanted to set it up with the data it had found. Within a matter of seconds I had my profile on the X including all my settings. Because the X has a 1TB harddisk I no longer had a use for my external USB drive (my old S had only 500GB of internal storage) so I copied all games and apps over to the internal drive. 1TB of storage space is more than enough for me.

Key benefits in comparison to the Xbox One S

I was really looking forward to the Xbox One X but since I was already used to gaming on the One S I knew graphics wise there wouldn’t be a huge difference. The addition of HDR which the S already had makes a much bigger difference. Of course games look a bit better in 4K but for me it wasn’t mind blowing. So here’s what I found more beneficial:

  • The X is super fast which means super fast load times! Also, for example navigating the menus in FIFA 18 goes much faster. There is no more lag where you’re waiting on the user interface to respond to your commands.
  • The X has so much power that games can benefit from hard locked 60 frames per second, games run super smooth.
  • But what I perhaps love most which also surprised me the most: The X runs QUIETER than the S!!! You can hardly hear the device which is remarkable because it holds so much more power with no more room to cool than the S.

I wasn’t able to really game yesterday evening, so hopefully I can find some time later tonight. GAME ON!

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