I finally bought the Apple TV 4K! (+ unboxing & comparison photos & Infuse highlight)

I wanted it ever since it got announced. It was supposed to be an insta-buy but for some reason I didn’t buy it immediately and I waited and waited… But I couldn’t resist anymore folks…

I finally bought the Apple TV 4K!


The Apple TV 4K will replace the previous non 4K model. It’s the best Apple TV ever made, the addition of the App Store has made a world of difference. We use the Apple TV every day and now we’re able to watch 4K content as well.

On to the photos!

Here’s the box.


Here’s what you see when you open the box, the Apple TV 4K and the remote.


The remote is the sleekest remote I’ve ever seen. It’s so well made, thin, small, has amazing battery life, has a built in microphone for Siri. The Apple TV 4K itself is also a beautiful little device. Completely black and really small.

Here’s what you see when you take the Apple TV 4K and the remote out.


You get a lightning cable (that you can use to charge the remote with) and a power cable. Apple does not provide you with an HDMI cable by the way. So make sure you have one. By the way… if you have a 4K tv with HDR capabilities, you will want to make absolutely sure to have which supports the highest quality that the Apple TV 4K can send out. You will need one which is Dolby Vision HDR compatible and supports up to 4096 by 2160 resolution and bandwidth up to 48 Gbps. This is very important.

Here’s the Apple TV 4K next to the Apple TV (non-4K).


I can’t find any differences. They look absolutely the same.

Here’s a comparison photo of the back of the devices.


Here’s the first difference. Notice that the Apple TV 4K does not have the USB-C port anymore which really had no use anyway.

Here’s a comparison photo of the bottom of the devices.


The second difference is noticeable in this photo. The Apple TV 4K apparently needs to cool more than its predecessor and therefore there are gaps in the bottom of the device. The Apple TV 4K does not have a fan so you will not here any noice coming out of the device, it’s simply so it can cool.

Here’s a comparison photo of the remotes.


On the left you can see the new Apple TV 4K remote. Notice that this remote has a white circle around the menu button and the button itself is placed a little lower. Apple has done this because many people complained that they had no point of reference on the old one, it would often be the case that you’d pick it up without looking to find out that you were holding it upside down.

The best app on the Apple TV is Infuse.

Infuse is a great media player app available in the App Store. Besides the Apple Music app and Netflix it’s our most used app. The reason I bought this app a while ago is because it supports almost all video formats (and now up to 4K Ultra-HD) and it also supports 24-bit Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA audio! If you have a proper receiver with hopefully some sweet speakers you can get the best picture quality and the best sound quality if you feed Infuse proper content.

Schermafbeelding 2018-02-20 om 20.52.06.png

Since Infuse and Apple TV I got rid of my HTPC (home theater PC) with XBMC/Kodi. The Apple TV is the sleekest device there is, does not make any sound, it’s lightning fast and the best of all… it always works.

If you enjoy watching movies and series in the best quality available and want a device that offers the best user experience the Apple TV 4K is really the way to go. And you have your own content on a NAS for example, be sure to check out the Infuse app by Firecore. Apple TV and Infuse are a killer combination.

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