I got a nice shoutout in the latest PIVXPress video! + shoutouts of my own.


As you might know I’m somewhat of a PIVX fan, I believe they hold very good cards to achieve something amazing in the crypto sphere. But it’s not all about the tech, I’m even more fond of the community. Lots and lots of people are really nice, active and invest time to help out with on a lot of different things for the project. You can have great tech, but as we all know the best tech doesn’t always ‘win’. You need a great community behind it to support the cause and PIVX has both.

If we won’t see something amazing happening this year when it comes to its price, it will definitely happen in 2018. There were a few bumps on the road these last couple of weeks which had its effect on the price but they got ironed out pretty fast by the amazing developers. We must not forget we’re talking about brand new technology. A lot simply hasn’t been done before. PIVX is the first Proof Of Stake coin that has implemented the Zerocoin technology to achieve true privacy and a lot more interesting stuff is coming. Keep an eye on this project!

I got a nice shoutout in the latest PIVXPress video!

A few hours ago a new PIVXPress video got posted on YouTube. These are short videos hosted by Bryan a.k.a. “snappy” from PIVX. Perhaps we can see him as the glue that holds the community together, a community manager as you will. The videos have a very chill vibe to them, they’re easy to view and listen to and Bryan does his best to recap the most important and interesting news. There’s something about his persona that reflects on these videos and in turn on the community.

As always when one gets released I watch the videos to make sure I remain up to date and in this one I got a nice shoutout to my surprise!


I got mentioned along with “mistersx12” for being the leaders on the PIVX fans Fancorps where we try to earn credits by executing tasks which support the cause. It’s an example of PIVX giving back to the community which is something pretty unique.

My shoutouts

Via this post I would like to give a shoutout to everyone supporting PIVX, especially everyone helping out in their own free time without asking for something in return. There are very few communities where so many people get this active to support the cause. A special shoutout has to go to Bryan for all of his efforts that reflects on the entire community.

An even extra special shoutout goes out to the developers. Many of them want to remain anonymous but they really should be in the spotlight for their cutting edge work. I hope PIVX treats them very very well because without them there is no PIVX.

To wrap this up, what other way as Bryan would say: “We are PIVX.” & “Keep it purple people.”

Have a good one!

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