I have started to use Steemvoter to support several authors and make good use of my Voting Power.

As much as I try to be a really active Steemit community member it is impossible for me to engage as much as I would like to. This means I know for sure that I will occasionally miss out on posts of my favorite authors. Also, not casting out upvotes regularly means that some of my voting power remains unused and therefor it will not generate curation rewards.

A good way to solve this is by using an auto upvote bot such as Steemvoter.

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-30 om 14.58.49.png

What is Steemvoter?

Steemvoter is a service which can be used to upvote new posts of your favorite authors automatically. There is a free plan which you can use to setup a limited number of rules. If you upgrade to a paid plan you will be able to setup more rules but many of us will not be in need of being able to setup that many rules.

After registering for a free account the only thing you need to do is create a new rule by filling out the authors name, the voting delay and the voting power percentage. I have simply left the voting to occur when the post is 20 minutes old and the voting power at 100%.

How do I create a Steemvoter account?

Simply register as you would do on every other site by clicking on the Sign Up button on Steemvoter.

After having registered you will need to add your Steemit account to Steemvoter.

How do I add my Steemit account?

When logged in on Steemvoter click on the “Add Account” button. You will need to submit your Steem account name (without the hashtag) and you will need your Private Posting Key.

How do I find my Private Posting Key?

You will need to login on Steemit.com. When you’re on your Steemit profile, do the following:

  1. Click on your wallet.
  2. Click on permissions.
  3. Click on “Show Private Key” on the left of the posting key. Do not use a key that requires your password.
  4. Copy the Private Posting Key and add your account on Steemvoter.

Know that it typically takes up to 20 minutes for Steemvoter to activate your account.

When done it should look like this:

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-30 om 15.10.40.png

Next step is to create rules for your favorite authors that you wish to support by having Steemvoter upvote automatically for you.

How do I create rules?

On Steemvoter click on the “Rules” button. You are then presented with a simple form to fill out where you need to enter the Steemit account name (copy it over exactly) that you wish to setup an auto upvote for, the voting delay and the voting power percentage. Be sure to click on the “Save Rule” button when done and it will appear in the list below. Here is what my list looks like:

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-30 om 15.13.50.png

As you can see I have chosen to support @thetimminator, @spartan23r, @guchtere, @obiyana, @sjennon and @pivx at this point in time. These are people (or a business in @pivx case) that I support for different reasons. I might know them personally, enjoy their content, support the cause and I know they won’t post silly and/or spammy content too much that it would drain my voting power. Of course you decide on your own criteria. I’m glad that almost all have done the same for me as well so we help each other in our blogging efforts.

If you also don’t want to see your voting power go ‘to waste’ because you can’t be online 24/7 consider using a tool like Steemvoter to support some of your favorite authors. If you have no idea who to support you can always choose to support @valderrama 😉

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