I kept it purple for PIVX at the Chainges blockchain conference in Amsterdam!

Ever since I joined the @pivx community and started to learn about what PIVX brings technology wise, the DAO aspect and the way the community operates I started looking for ways to help support the cause because I wanted to take part in spreading the purple.

I started helping out by doing a few things as some might know, one thing led to another and started getting involved in other things as well. As we were getting more done out of The Netherlands it was only a matter of time until PIVX would organize a meetup in The Netherlands so I attended it. The meetup was planned before a blockchain conference held in Amsterdam that PIVX would attend and I asked if it was possible to get a ticket to attend myself and all of a sudden I became part of the PIVX crew at the conference!

Had a great time talking to many people about everything PIVX and it was awesome to meet great PIVians that I had only known digitally up until then. Hope to be able to do more to support the cause in the future, exciting times!

Here are some photos of of the meetup and the conference:


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