I never knew how fun amiibo were until I’ve used one in Super Mario Odyssey!

I’ve known about amiibo for a long time but they never made a lot of sense to me even though many of them looked really cool.

In case you don’t know: Amiibo are Nintendo figurines that carry an NFC chip making it possible to transfer data in and out of video games. Some video games support the use of amiibo and when you use one you get rewarded with something. Could be a power up, a hint, it can make the amiibo playable in the game or anything else the game developers might have thought of for that specific amiibo. There are many very cool looking amiibo that you can collect:


I never had the urge to buy one myself because I couldn’t really care enough about extra power ups or figurines brought ‘to life’ in games. Fast forward until the day that I received the awesomeness that is Super Mario Odyssey!


All of a sudden I remembered that our son actually was gifted an amiibo a long time ago which he occasionally played with so I figured we might as well use it once to see what it did in the game because I also knew that Super Mario Odyssey supports amiibo! The amiibo our son has is Dr. Mario:


So we all sat in front of the tv and started up Super Mario Odyssey, we had Dr. Mario waiting to be scanned by the JoyCon and did so as soon as we could. What we learned at that moment was that the Dr. Mario amiibo gives Super Mario an instant power up making him immortal for about 30 seconds, the same effect as when you would grab one of those old school shining stars. We also learned that you could use the amiibo whenever you want and that there seems to be no limit as to how many times you can use it. So if you would want to, this amiibo can make the game a whole lot easier to play.

As fun as this might be, I don’t use the amiibo for that effect… I like the actual challenge but when a certain part is really difficult it can help my kids get through it so they use it every now and then. Later in the game you get to meet a robot which is called Uncle amiibo and he asks if you got any amiibo and this is where my opinion about amiibo really changed for me.


Uncle amiibo really surprised me so I scanned Dr. Mario again and the robot told me that it was in fact the Dr. Mario amiibo. It also told me that he would now have that amiibo look for an energy moon (collectables in the game) and tell me where I can find it, but I would have to come back in five minutes. Knowing that Super Mario Odyssey has hundreds of energy moons I found this to be really cool! Otherwise I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to find many many moons without resorting to the internet. It is a very cool way way of amiibo usage that doesn’t disrupt gameplay. I could now do something else in the game, return five minutes later to find out where I could find one and make it my mission that actually go look for it.

Uncle amiibo had another surprise for me because it was the first time I used Dr. Mario with him. This amiibo actually rewarded me with the Dr. Mario outfit! I knew amiibo could do this, but I didn’t know that it was actually this cool to be able to walk around with that outfit on in the game. Outfits are one of the many things you can collect in Super Mario Odyssey and many of them can only be unlocked by scanning that specific amiibo.


So from now on I’m a bit of an amiibo fan, depending on the game of course. It’s also good to know that amiibo can be used across different games. Perhaps we will see if we can find some other cool amiibo with specific game enhancing rewards to improve our Super Mario Odyssey experience!

Game on!

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