I received my Xbox One X Scorpio Edition today! Unboxing photos inside!

Today is a great day my fellow Steemians! I have just received my Xbox One X Scorpio Edition! The worlds most powerful console ever made! It will allow me to game in glorious 4K with HDR! When you pre-order something it’s always the question if it will arrive on launch day but luckily in this case it has arrived in time!

I didn’t receive a regular Xbox One X but I got the Scorpio Edition. It comes with a special box, a kickstand, an engraved controller and an engraved console.

On with the pictures!!!

The box looks really good in real life.

1TB harddrive, 4K, HDR. AWESOME.

After opening the box this is the first thing you see. Looks like guides with the info you’re pretty much used to getting.

After taking the ‘guides’ out I found out that they’re not only guides but it contains two gifts as well! I got 1 month of Game Pass for free and 14 days of Xbox Live Gold. Game Pass should be fun, I’m already set for Xbox Live for a year.

Here’s the stand. I don’t think I will ever use it though. The Xbox will get placed horizontally.

Here are the power cable, the HDMI cable and the controller with two batteries.

The controller looks real nice. Take a look at the Scorpio Edition engraving.

Here’s how the console itself comes out. It’s packaged and wrapped real nice and real tight.

Here’s the console itself. It’s a very small and sleek black powerhouse.

Take a look at the Scorpio Edition engraving on the console. Real nice touch.

I don’t have time to disconnect my now old Xbox One S and connect this incredible beast. Hopefully I can do this later tonight, otherwise it will have to wait until tomorrow. Can’t wait to play FIFA 18 and Call Of Duty WW2 on it in true 4K glory!

Game on!!!

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