I’m ranked 1st on the PIVX Fancorps platform! I’ve been earning PIV for what I used to do for free!

If you’ve been following me you could perhaps see me as a @pivx fanboy. It’s my favorite cryptocurrency. It has tremendous potential, technology wise. But that’s not what made me a fanboy. The community made me one. Make sure to join the PIVX Discord to get a taste of it, hang around, ask questions, help out by doing what you like to do.

Ever since I joined the community I started writing about PIVX and one day the community voted to start making use of a platform called Fancorps. When I read what that was about I immediately joined in order to help PIVX even more!


PIVX Fancorps: a win-win situation

As a believer in the PIVX cause I used to write about it every now and then on Steemit, Facebook, Twitter and some other platforms. Many others and I now help PIVX by executing simple tasks via Fancorps (referral link inside).

It is a win-win situation for PIVX and everyone being a part of the community which PIVX holds very high. You can actually earn PIV by executing pretty simple tasks. It’s awesome that PIVX has chosen to give back to the community by using Fancorps.

Out of 444 PIVXfans on Fancorps I’m now ranked 1st!!!

At the moment a whopping 444 PIVXfans have signed up to be a part of the PIVX Fancorps team. I’ve written a few posts of my progress on the Fancorps leaderboard along the way and I’m glad to announce that I’m currently ranked 1st!!!

Schermafbeelding 2018-01-06 om 17.23.58.png

I had never thought I was going to be able to take over that 1st place but it has been achieved! 🙂

Not sure how long I can manage to keep leading the pack… there are some super PIVXfans within the top 15 who are catching up pretty fast and doing awesome work for PIVX!

Do you want to help by joining Fancorps and earn PIV?
If you’re interested in PIVX or perhaps already have PIV and want to support the cause and earn free PIV, why not join in on the Fancorps fun and sign up?

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