Kanye West finally releases the video for “Famous” and it’s pure art

kanye west famous
Many people think Kanye West is an idiot and don’t seem to grasp what he is doing. They only see an ignorant rapper with a big mouth, too much of an ego and therefore don’t even take the time to try and understand what he is saying or why he is doing what he does. To them it seems that Kanye is stupid and doesn’t think things through, but let me tell you, everything he does is planned.

I don’t see a rapper, I see a pure artist, combining all different types of art just as people somewhere in the likes of Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Banksy, Vincent van Gogh and fashion icons. It became really clear to me after his “My beautiful dark twisted fantasy” album came out and I saw the artwork, heard the songs and saw the short movie that came out with it (Runaway). For me this was the point in his career when he really started combining all art forms. Since then Kanye showed he is ahead of his time and that became even more clear with his album “Yeezus”. And he is currently following his own footsteps with his latest album “The Life of Pablo” to go even further. Eventually you will come to understand bits and pieces and grasp parts of what he has envisioned if you take the time for it but it won’t be explained to you. And that’s where most people fail and get stuck on how they portray Kanye.

“Famous” is his latest masterpiece from “The life of Pablo” and the song and more specifically the lyrics are one thing… He just released the video (a Tidal exclusive at the time of writing, but it’s just a matter of time until we can see it on other services like Apple Music) for it and it is on another level. I’m sure many people who will see it will laugh about it and straight away think Kanye is (still) crazy, but what I see is PURE ART. It’s a masterpiece with a very strong message. And as art is supposed to, this is supposed to make you think. It’s the art of sound and vision and everyone may see something different and interpret that message.

Kanye touches so many different concepts and subjects. It’s about Hollywood, fame, fortune, good people, bad people, the thin line between good and bad. Everyone seems to do it with each other and even if you don’t do it with each other in some way you’re still connected and need each other to reach more fame. It’s a living painting, you can focus and zoom in on a certain part and only see that or you can walk back and zoom out and try to oversee the whole and think about the bigger picture. It’s about the media and paparazzi who need these people in order to make news, but what is news and why is that news so important? And this is just what I see. As with proper art it’s not self explanatory and you may see something else. Art is supposed to make you stop and think.

The whole bed scene in the Famous video did not just came to be, it must have been planned and carefully engineered. Why do we see the people who we see? Why is person A next to person B? Questions…

Let’s not immediately disqualify Kanye West as an idiot or an ignorant rapper but let’s appreciate him for what he is… a true artist.

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