Love techno? Check out Ruben Swart

Ruben Swart

If you love techno this blogpost may very well be for you. A friend (and colleague) of mine has always been into producing music and over the years he regularly dropped some tracks. He started when he was 14 years old and produced different styles of music over the years. Originally he was known by his artist name “Dimane” and had a few succeses along the way. A few years ago he got one of his tracks released on a cd for a big dance event here in the Netherlands but it did not lead to the big break that he has always hoped for.

This hasn’t stopped him from keeping producing music and right now it sure seems that things are getting really serious for him…

A few weeks ago he was discovered ‘again’ during Dancefair, a huge fair for all types of dance music which is held every year in the Netherlands. Ruben spoke with a bunch of different people and one of them instantly became enthusiastic about his demo and basically signed him to his label Refuge Digital (Soundz Good). You can read all about this experience at Dancefair in an interview here (you have to understand Dutch or work your Google Translate skills). Together they will soon release what is going to become Ruben’s very first EP on which he will be known by his new artist name: Ruben Swart. Not much is known yet about the content other than that the tracks “Boycot” and “The Bomb Squad” will be released on it. Let’s all hope that this will finally lead to bigger and better things!


Want to know more about this upcoming techno producer? Check out his Facebook page and follow that dude! Also go check out his Soundcloud and follow him there or check some of his tracks right below.

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