Many cryptos are empty shells, only a few are true communities. PIVX understands the difference.

Developers are the new rockstars.

The crypto sphere is a really interesting space. We’re talking about cutting edge technology. Great new innovative and highly disruptive ideas are being developed and launched into the world. The people who build these blockchains/cryptocurrencies and actually make it work are developers/coders/programmers. They are the rockstars of this generation but they are often not seen as one. There are many great ideas currently developed but many of them aren’t getting the success they deserve.


Technology alone doesn’t cut it. The tech should become a brand.

What I see is that these people with amazing qualities do not necessarily want to, like to, have the skills to and/or definitely not have the time to promote their cutting edge work. To each their own specialism of course. Why is this a problem? Well, in order for anything to get adopted by the masses something special needs to happen. And in a world that’s mainly about technology this is extra difficult because not many people are able to grasp even a tiny layer of it. A cryptocurrency will not get big with 10 users who join because they understand the tech well, it will not get big with 100 users who have a good concept of the tech… no, you need to be able to somehow resonate with of millions of users. Millions of ‘regular people’ who simply want something to work and pretty much couldn’t care less about the technology.

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This is where you see a huge gap when it comes to communication and being able to resonate with each other when there’s only developers and these lastly named ‘regular people’. One talks tech and doesn’t want to explain things in layman’s terms, the other doesn’t talk tech and needs information in layman terms. In order to get into their heads a cryptocurrency team needs people onboard with a special area of expertise in order to create something on top of the technology. You need to create a brand. That brand needs to get developed and marketed.

Empty shells versus a true community. @pivx understands the difference.

Ever since I’ve really started getting active within the crypto sphere I’ve joined several different Slacks, several different Discords and several different forums of cryptocurrency teams and not a single one resonated with me. They were just channels of mainly people asking for support, people asking ‘when lambo’ and ‘when moon’ and people talking about trading. In my opinion, many are empty shells where people with a ‘I want to make a quick buck’ mindset come together and leave whenever it hits a certain target. You can tell very quickly that many cryptocurrency teams don’t have the slightest idea how to create a proper brand with a great strategy and vision, stick to it because you believe in it and market the brand making use of all the digital tools that are available these days.

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One day @beachbuminvestor convinced me to join the PIVX community. What I saw was very different to what I had seen before. What I quickly found out was that PIVX, even through a digital hub (Slack/Discord), had something different going on. I got in touch with people. People who are friendly, people who greet newcomers, people who ask questions and try to get to know you, people who offer help, people who offer advice, people who ask what you would like to do to support the cause… And then it hit me, PIVX is about people. PIVX had built a certain type of community. And in that community PIVX has a great set of core values and a certain mentality in place. And then you start to look further and you see how PIVX uses Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Steemit and other channels and you see consistency. You see work being done on a whole other level in comparison to many other cryptocurrency teams. In the PIVX community you see teams working together to get things done. You see really great videos. You see really great pictures that are very well designed and a consistent tone of voice. All marketing material is made by professionals. Often telling us why PIVX is different. PIVX resonated with me and I’ve noticed that it resonates with a lot of people, every day more and more people are joining the community and finding this out. All of the above can be brought back to a very well designed marketing strategy and vision in order to create that brand and to be able to achieve where PIVX is now. PIVX has become more than just the technology, a true brand has been created and this is something really special because. Many cryptocurrencies have copied PIVX technology, but this is something that cannot simply be copied.

The PIVX marketing team is doing an amazing job.

I want to give a shoutout via this way to the team behind the marketing of PIVX: Rhubarb Media (+all the people, all the teams who follow their lead). As a former digital media manager (I was once asked to create a digital media strategy myself for the company I work for) I have good know-how of what needs to be done and how to use the digital tools to get people to increase your online presence. This is already difficult in a ‘regular’ company where everything is centralized, it’s even more difficult when the job needs to be done in decentralized fashion. I’ve been told that the PIVX marketcap surged by almost $100 million in a very short time following the rebranding by the Rhubarb Media team. That was an amazing result of course and basically only the beginning because there is so much more to come. In the short time that I have been a part of the community I’ve seen many seeds being planted and slowly but surely these will all come to fruition.

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One of these seeds is one that I see many people in the community take and plant everywhere on their part, I did so as well. The PIVX essence not only got me to be active within the community but it also made me want to help out where ever I could. I have seen many people joining who can surely say the same thing. I’m glad that I am helping PIVX in several different manners to support the cause. Through these efforts and whenever I tell people about PIVX I have been able to get more people onboard.

Slow and steady wins the race.

With growth come new challenges. And in a decentralized space everyone gets to have a say about everything they wish to have a say in. Managing this can be extremely difficult. What I want to point out is that PIVX should never allow to be taken of it’s current path. Everything that has to do with what the brand has become is rock solid, the people behind the strategy and vision are the ones who can and must continue to lead PIVX on the road of growth and improvement. Rhubarb Media in my opinion has proven to be the A-class team to make PIVX the A-class cryptocurrency that it deserves to become. PIVX already has great technology and there’s even more to come in that regard, but PIVX can’t get where it want to get based on technology alone and as we all know it’s often the case that the best tech doesn’t always win. The brand is what will make the difference and the strategy for it isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Cryptos need communities

Sure, technology can be copied. Sure, based on the technology alone and a few hundred or thousand people who get together in a Slack or Discord channel can make the crypto go places. But in the end, that alone will not be enough. In 2018 many teams will find this out and I believe we will start to see the crypto sphere change because of this. We will get to see the very first signs of real maturity in the space.

All in all it will be a very interesting year for sure and I can’t wait for what is to come.

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