Nintendo is officially the king of video games again with Super Mario Odyssey! It has many amazing new gameplay features and one is genius!


If you’ve been following me you know I had bought a Nintendo Switch as soon as it came out only so I could play Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. I had such high hopes for that game and only a few hours in I knew that this game is the best game ever. It is so extremely well done on all aspects that I can not see it get surpassed by any other game this year and perhaps the coming year(s) as well until Nintendo decides to make a second part. Yes, Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is that good.


As soon as I had the Switch and started playing Zelda: BOTW, my kids (8 and 4 at that time) sat beside me and played the adventure along with me, telling me where to go and what to do, wanting me to defeat Ganon and save the princess. The game very much immediately made a huge impression on them. It made for a whole lot of fun gaming hours with my kids.

Nintendo is officially the king of video games again with the release of Super Mario Odyssey

Of course I had to buy a few games for our kids to play on the Switch themselves. They enjoyed themselves very much with Just Dance 2017, Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Lego City Undercover for example. But we were al looking forward to Super Mario Odyssey and boy does that game deliver!

I bought Super Mario Odyssey for us on release day, I had pre-ordered it actually. I thought Zelda: BOTW could not get beaten, but perhaps Super Mario Odyssey joins Zelda at being the best games of all time (in my humble opinion of course).

Super Mario Odyssey has so much great gameplay, very much perfected on all aspects and they added some new aspects to the Mario series like:

  • being able to buy things at stores
  • being able to become other characters
  • being able to even become electricity and travel through wires

These are just a few. As soon as you start playing the game you immediately get a good feel for the discovery aspect of the game, just as Zelda: BOTW. The most amazing thing they have done is, even though they renewed a lot, is bringing back so many things of the old games. It’s extremely playable for little kids up until ‘older kids’ like me. Everywhere you go there are so many references to a lot of things you have seen ever since you were a little kid playing those first Super Mario games.

This is the most genius gameplay feature for me

Super Mario Odyssey is a 3d game with perfected platform gameplay but what Nintendo added is 2d gameplay in such a beautiful way and it is pure genius.

I’ll show with a few photos I made. Here is Mario as some sort of creature that I had taken over by throwing my hat at it and by being this creature I can do stuff that Mario can’t.


Notice that 3d pipe in the background. You can already see that it goes from 3d to 2d. Here’s what happens when I enter it:


Now I’m Mario (with a cool new outfit) but in a 2d mini world inside the actual 3d world! Take a look at how these both integrate with each other, it looks amazing:


The rocks that fall of the land above me in the 3d world cannot enter my 2d environment so I’m safe here but further along the path some old school Goomba’s await me, just as you remember! Take a look at this old school platform gameplay (with the 3d world visible outside of it):


The exit of the 2d mini world is just above me and as soon as I entered that green pipe at the ceiling I get transported out of that world and brought back to the 3d world:


Every time I encounter a 2d mini world it’s so much fun and it really looks beautiful surrounded by the 3d world, its beautifully done! I’ve seen that later in the game we get taken back to a 2d world where Mario has to beat Donkey Kong! Talk about old school!

Nintendo is doing great things with the Switch. If you liked Zelda and Mario games, of course Nintendo is the platform you can only play them on but these aren’t simply copies of what they have done before with minor improvements. Both of these games are truly magnificent. Nintendo is back. Nintendo is the king of video games again!

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