Our daughter has a way of silencing me and make me laugh…

So a few days ago we were eating dinner and we started with a bowl of soup. Our son of five was eating without any help and very well, not making anything dirty by splashing soup around… our daughter of 8 on the other hand…

This is what happened when I tried to tell her about it:

  • Me: Please eat your soup above the bowl and watch what you’re doing.
  • Her: What am I doing?
  • Me: You’re splashing soup all over the place. Look at how your little brother is eating, he’s eating better than you. When you’re eating, half of what’s on your spoon falls on your placemat and you’re making it dirty.
  • Her: Well, thankfully it’s just a placemat and that’s what it’s there for…

Insert sound of crickets

I had nothing to say and my wife looked at me with a look of “well, she got you there”. I looked at our daughter and she had a smile on her face and continued eating. We all started laughing about it.



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