Our daughter made “Sinterklaas” and “Black Pete” laugh with her logical answer!

In The Netherlands we’re currently living up to the day on which we celebrate the birthday of “Sinterklaas”. Let’s say he’s a bit like Santa. Sinterklaas lives in Spain and every year a few weeks before his birthday on the 6th of December he will get on his boat with his horse “Americo”, his friends called “Black Pete’s” (the last few years there’s a bit of controversy around them but let’s not get into that) and all the gifts for all the Dutch children who have been behaving good throughout the entire year. On his birthday Sinterklaas and his Black Pete’s will go to all the houses where children live who have been behaving real good and leave them presents.

The closer his birthday, the more we see Sinterklaas and his Black Pete’s pop up everywhere to have a chat with children and give them typical Sinterklaas candy. Yesterday we were shopping and all of a sudden our kids noticed that Sinterklaas an a few Black Pete’s were walking around so immediately they ran towards them to shake their hands and have a chat to let them know that they have been behaving good to make sure that Sinterklaas will come by and leave them presents.

Sinterklaas started chatting with our daughter.

Sinterklaas: Have you been behaving real good this year?

  • She said: “Yes of course Sinterklaas, real good.”

Sinterklaas: That’s very good to hear. Have you been singing songs for us as well?

  • She said: “Yes, my brother and I have been singing songs every single night right before going to bed”!”

Sinterklaas: I’m very glad, sounds like you have been behaving really good. Do you know when my birthday is?

  • She said: “Yes of course. It’s on the 6th of December!”

Sinterklaas: Excellent. Then you also know that if you truly have been a good girl I will come by your house to leave you a present. What did you ask for?

  • She said: Well Sinterklaas… I actually made a wishlist a few weeks ago!”

Sinterklaas: Well, well. That will be very helpful for my Black Pete’s who have to make sure that you get something that you would really like. Remind me, what is on the top of your list?

  • She said: “My name!”

The Black Pete who was listening in on the conversation immediately started laughing out loud and so did Sinterklaas. He finally said that he would surely not forget her, shook her hand and gave some Sinterklaas candy.

Our kids were very happy!


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