PIVX is back on Changelly!

My favorite crypto convert platform has now gotten even better (again).

As a fan of the crypto convert platform Changelly, it is my go to platform when I want to convert one crypto into another one in an immediate, secure and cheap fashion.

If you use Changelly you don’t have to go through the hassle that regular exchanges can sometimes bring. You simply select the crypto you want to sell, input the amount and select the crypto you want to get. I’ve used it many times and often I used it to convert crypto into @pivx but all of a sudden PIVX wasn’t selectable anymore…

I’m glad to announce that PIVX is back on Changelly!


If you haven’t heard of Changelly do check it out. It makes buying crypto real easy. They have over 60 cryptocurrencies that they support so the ones they do support are for good reasons.

I’m glad that PIVX is back!

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