PIVX is going to release their ZDEX exchange in 3 days!

In case you don’t know, PIVX is technologically one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the game. They have been for quite some time now. The development team have created a lot of “crypto firsts” with the first Proof of Stake implementation of the Zerocoin protocol as one of the latest achievements.

If you come across a cryptocurrency that’s Proof of Stake and has a zero knowledge variant as well (PIVX has PIV as their regular coin and zPIV as their zero knowledge proof anonymous variant) chances are that you’re looking at a PIVX fork. I believe PIVX is the most forked cryptocurrency of all time.

If only everyone knew…


In only a little more than 3 days PIVX will release yet another crypto first. They will release their ZDEX exchange. Worlds first zero knowledge proof decentralized exchange.

Users will be able to directly trade between zPIV and BTC (other currencies will follow) completely anonymously. It will be a game changer running on the PIVX Masternode network!


Looking at all this technology it’s unbelievable that PIVX isn’t at least all the way up there with the other privacy focused coins. I believe people will realize eventually where true innovation comes from though, this isn’t a sprint… it’s a marathon and PIVX is well on its way to win it.

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