PIVX mandatory wallet upgrade & even more privacy with zDEX.

It’s been a while since I’ve written about PIVX. Not because it isn’t all that promising anymore, it is in fact becoming even more promising so make sure you keep an eye on the project, but because I took a step back in being active in the community. Therefore I’m not as easily triggered anymore to take time to write about all the interesting stuff that’s going on.

I’m writing about PIVX now because I do like to keep you informed and it has been a while so in this post I will very briefly touch upon 2 important matters and tell you where you can get more information so you can do your own research and possibly take further actions.

Mandatory wallet upgrade


The PIVX team has informed their following via different channels (website, forum, twitter, facebook, slack, discord but not via steemit surprisingly) about the latest mandatory wallet upgrade. This update was mostly due to the fact that an exploit was found in the zerocoin code. This has been solved and if you haven’t upgraded already you most definitely will be on the wrong chain by now. All exchanges will soon be running the new version as well. Make sure to check this post and take all the necessary steps to make sure you will get on the right chain.

More privacy coming with zDEX

This has been mentioned very briefly and as far as I can tell it’s in early development stages but we might get surprised with it sooner rather than later. We already have zPIV with PIVX which in fact are PIV that can’t be traced back to you and apparently the idea is to integrate zDEX straight into the wallet. It will allow us to buy zPIV more privately and in a decentralized manner. I’m very curious how that will effectively work. More info (although very little) on that can be found here

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-14 om 21.09.13.png

So make sure to upgrade that wallet, make sure that you are on the right chain and keep an eye out for zDEX in the near future. PIVX is making moves.

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