PIVX PSA + I’m ranked 2nd on the PIVX Fancorps platform! I’ve been earning rewards for what I used to do for free!

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PIVX Fancorps: a win-win situation

As a believer in the PIVX cause I used to write about it every now and then on Steemit, Facebook, Twitter and some other platforms. Since a few months PIVX started to use the Fancorps platform on which PIVX fans can actually earn PIV by doing what I already used to do for free! Many others and I now help PIVX by executing simple tasks via Fancorps (referral link inside). It is a win-win situation for PIVX and everyone feeling a part of the community which PIVX holds very high, we are all PIVX. PIVX has great community behind it and I believe it holds excellent cards in order to become a very successful currency in the crypto game. Sure they have had a few setbacks trying to implement new cutting edge technology but ultimately they’re achieving what many others don’t have (yet). The developers are doing incredible work.

What is Fancorps?

Fancorps is an online platform that can be used by brands in order to activate their community to do tasks in exchange for rewards. The tasks are really easy to do, sometimes fun and hardly consume any time at all. Most of them are about posting a brand related message on one of your own social media accounts and uploading proof that you actually did. The task will get reviewed and when verified you will get rewarded! Some tasks are awarded with more credits than others, some can only be executed once and others can be done every week.

It’s awesome that PIVX has chosen to give back to the community by using Fancorps. Take a look at what I currently hold in my Fancorps bag:

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Out of 350 PIVX fans on Fancorps I’m ranked 2nd!

At the moment a whopping 350 PIVX fans have signed up to be a part of the PIVX Fancorps team. I’ve written a few post of my progress on the Fancorps leaderboard along the way and I’m glad to announce that I’m currently ranked 2nd! I don’t know if I will be able to take the lead because the guy in 1st place has a big lead and normally he does all the tasks I do and a few more that I cannot do, but I’m very happy to be able to lead the pack with him. Here’s proof of it:

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Look at me shine at that sweet 2nd place! It get’s even sweeter… I found out that I’m also the one with the highest Klout score which currently is 54. Klout basically measures all your online activity and calculates how much influence you have online. I’m not very active on the platforms I have an account on, but apparently I’m quite effective!

The leaderboard on Fancorps also has ranks and right now almost everyone is ranked “Mission Specialist” and there are a handful “Payload Specialists”. The guy in 1st place is the only one ranked “Engineering Specialist” but I’m real close to join him in that rank!

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Fancorps makes use of some good motivating gamification elements that help everyone get more active.

Do you want to help by joining Fancorps and earn PIV?

If you’re interested in PIVX or perhaps already have PIV and want to support the cause and earn free PIV, why not join in on the Fancorps fun and sign up?

PSA: Update your wallet ASAP!

Another bug got killed in the code which requires everyone holding PIV in a local wallet to download the latest wallet and making sure that you are on the right chain. Please read more about it on the official PIVX blog by clicking on this link. Good news: this seems to be the last bump in the road to implementing zerocoin technology which will be the first for a Proof Of Stake coin in the crypto space!

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