PIVX tech is being used by A LOT of other cryptocurrency projects.

First things first… Yes, @pivx was forked from Dash but it has continued to evolve ever since. The amazing PIVX developers keep building new cutting edge technology which basically put PIVX in its own league. It’s a shame that there are too many people who don’t know that there are cryptocurrency projects that have copied PIVX tech, thinking the project they’re invested in is doing great dev work, while they’re really just waiting for PIVX to release something new so they can copy it again.

Having said that…

Every crypto enthusiast should really take an hour or so to research PIVX and give credit where it is due. Because it really is impressive how many coins are using PIVX core technology for their projects. Let me tell you… there a A LOT.

The sad thing is that there are also a bunch of projects that don’t credit PIVX and the developers for their work. If you’re going to copy PIVX technology (and build upon it), leave MIT licenses in, be open about it. Give credit where it is due. If you do that, it’s all good.

So how many projects have copied PIVX technology? Well… I don’t know the exact number, but take a look at this:


I count at least 14 different projects in this banner which I know was created several weeks ago. And those are only the ones that were known of during that time, by now I’m sure there are many more.

I hope this post will enlighten at least some people out there. If you ask me 2018 will be the year that people will really recognize all the work being done by the true innovators and join the PIVX movement… People will start to learn that they’re invested in projects who cannot innovate (well enough) on their own and they will eventually be forgotten about as they will always stay behind. It’s just a matter of time.

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