PIVX will enable another crypto first soon: stealth staking (zPoS)!

The PIVX developers have delivered on their long anticipated V3.1.0 core wallet yesterday which comes with many new features. If you know PIVX you know that the P stands for Private and that this team of amazing developers are developing groundbreaking cutting edge technology. With this latest version of the core wallet they have a true game changer in the crypto sphere.

PIVX will implement yet another crypto first: stealth staking (zPoS)!

As a Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency you could already be rewarded by setting up your PIV to stake. But if people know your address holding those PIV they can also find out how much PIV you hold. This goes for almost all other cryptocurrencies out there by the way as almost none are truly private. PIVX were the first to implement a custom version of the Zerocoin protocol and created zPIV which basically are private PIV making it virtually impossible to find out where those PIV come which set PIVX apart in the privacy focused playing field but the downside was that you couldn’t stake them.

With V3.1.0 of the core wallet PIVX will implement zPoS after the 8th of May which is yet another crypto first. zPoS stands for zPIV Proof of Stake and provides an extra layer of anonymity by allowing participants to earn rewards and secure the network privately. In other words we will soon have stealth or private staking!

This is a game changer in the crypto sphere.

Press play on the video below for a quick update:

Don’t sleep on PIVX. It’s a sleeping giant and they keep bringing true innovation.

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