Plex will come to Xbox One

20140406-192725.jpgLast night word got out that Microsoft has given the green light for Plex to be developed for the Xbox One. The console was announced to be your all in one device for the living room but up until this very same day it’s still very crippled. A lot of functionality that the Xbox 360 had is still missing and a lot that has been promised by Microsoft is still being developed. This announcement of Plex for the Xbox One, along with the announcement that Microsoft will open up the App Store for universal apps as well, is a long awaited step in the right direction. The Xbox One has huge potential, let’s see if Microsoft will be able to deliver.

As soon as Plex will come, it will still take a few months before we will be able to download it though, the Xbox One will be able to serve as a true media player. I’m eager to see if it will be a full fledged version of Plex. If it is it might even replace our HTPC which we also have in our living room that mainly runs XBMC as a portal for all our media. We use XBMC for all our movies, tv shows and concerts. XBMC has more functionality and is more customizable than Plex and with it we can enjoy movies in full HD, in full 3D and with HD audio.

If Plex doesn’t do all of that than it won’t become our main media portal. Plex does also run on our HTPC but we only use it to stream our content from our library to our iPads or iPhones. We don’t use Plex for the big screen. Either way, with their latest announcements it seems that Microsoft is really willing and working hard to make the Xbox One the best console and all in one device for the living room there is. I’m positive that it will happen, it’s only a matter of time.

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