Residente (Calle 13) live in Amsterdam 04-07-2017. A true poet in the modern arts.

On the 4th of July I got see Residente in the Melkweg in Amsterdam.

Residente is a Puerto Rican rapper, writer, producer and founder of the alternative Latin rap group Calle 13. Along with the group, he has won 25 Latin Grammy awards in total. This makes him the Latin artist who has won the most gold-plated gramophones ever. He studied art for 8 years and has directed some of his own musical videos. His lyrics have earned him the respect of many music colleagues and critics and have even been studied as part of school and university courses. He has been recognized for his social contributions and serves as the face of campaigns for UNICEF and Amnesty International. He has consistently defended education in Latin America and the rights of the natives.

Residente is a true poet in the modern arts. Even if you don’t understand Spanish, many songs are really worth having them translated. His messages go very deep. If there is one song that I would want you to listen to, watch the video, read the lyrics and try to understand them it would be “Latinoamerica”. More about that later in this post.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve seen him though. I’ve been to a Calle 13 concert twice before. I’ve shot some videos during the concert that I would like to share with you.

Somos Anormales. Translation: We’re abnormal. His latest single from his own album, titled Residente. This song has a very controversial video.

Baile De Los Pobres. Translation: Dance of the poor.

Calma Pueblo. Translation: Be calm city.

Pal Norte. Translation: To the north. This song is written for and about immigrants.

La Cumbia De Los Aburridos. Translation: The Cumbia (typical Latin American dance) of the bored ones.

Latinoamerica. Translation: Latin America. This song is about the history of Latin America and in the end tells all people of Latin American descent to keep walking forward. The song has become a hymn for all of Latin American descent. Everytime I heard the song live there were people crying and chanting along, especially in the end when he sings “Vamos Caminado, el camino” which means “Let’s keep walking this road”. The official video is also a beauty to watch and shows Latin American heritage.

Na Hay Nadie Como Tu. Translation: There’s no one like you.

Vamo’ A Portarnos Mal. Translation: Let’s misbehave ourselves.

This post is for all Residente and Calle 13 fans. And if you havent heard of him before I do hope that I spiked some interest to go get a sense of why this man has received 25 grammy’s for his work.

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