Slowly but surely exchanges and brokers are taking new customers in again! Litebit opened their doors!

These past few months many exchanges and brokers have stopped taking new customers in because of a variety of reasons. Mostly due to scaling issues I believe. The crypto sphere is growing in such a fast pace that many of them simply couldn’t keep up.

Many exchanges and brokers have reported literally thousands and thousands of persons wanting to register for an account. Lately we’ve seen that a few of these are opening their doors again. Everything is pointing to a huge influx of these thousands and thousands of new people getting into crypto and of course this means that a lot of new money will be pumped into it. In essence this is really good news for everyone already into crypto but we still have a long long way to go before we will reach anything closely related to a level of maturity.

We were even seeing people selling their (un-used) accounts to other people for serious money, that’s how eager people are to get into the game.

Today one of my mostly used brokers, Litebit, announced via Twitter that they have opened their doors for new users as well.

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I have excellent experiences with Litebit, just keep in mind that it’s always best to move your coins to a wallet that you control, just in case. And always check the prices if you’re buying from a broker, you might pay a little bit more but you’ll have your coins immediately so the advantage is that you won’t miss out because when placing an order on an exchange you have to wait until your order gets fulfilled which sometimes might not happen.

Either way: Good times are coming for us crypto investors!

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