Steemify is a great push notification app! Finally we have a solid one for Steemit!

Steemit just got a whole lot better with the addition of Steemify in the App Store!!!

If there was one thing that had bothered me ever since I joined Steemit, it was the lack of decent push notifications. It was a real struggle to keep everything in check during my early days on Steemit right up until one day I got notice of the eSteem app which has push notifications so I started it using it. But I quickly found out that the app is extremely buggy (you cannot use it to write your posts and comments in it because there’s a big chance that it crashes) and very often the push notifications don’t even come through so I could never really depend on that app. I kept the eSteem app though solely because of the push notification feature and to my knowledge it was the only app that had it so at least when the push notifications work I get notified and I can decide to take action on it or not.

But in the world of apps, if you don’t keep up the pace of getting rid of bugs and making the app better as a whole there’s a big chance that you will become obsolete and in this case this is exactly what happened since yesterday when I found out about Steemify.


Thanks to the @blockbrothers for releasing the notification app for iOS devices!

Steemify gets you push notifications about all kind of relevant information from your own account and it simply works. I haven’t seen any annoying bug and I can’t seem to make it crash. You can even use Steemify in order to get push notifications for other accounts which could be useful for people who have multiple accounts or if you want to get notified about activity from an account which you have interest in. The app looks really clean and when a notification pops up, you can tap on it and you’ll get redirected via Safari from within the app to the page on Steemit. Awesome!

Here’s a screenshot from my push notification feed:


There are a bunch of notification settings to turn on or off and almost everything you would like to get notified on is there. Only a few things missing right now like the notification for a resteem but I’ve read that @blockbrothers will add this very soon.

Here’s a screenshot of the notification settings (not all of them):


If you want push notifications, make sure to get this app!

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