Sucre has been added to my favorite crypto portfolio tracking site, CryptoCompare!

Ever since I started making moves in the crypto sphere I have always been using CryptoCompare for all my crypto portfolio tracking needs. It has a very easy and clean interface and there’s a whole lot more on the website in case you are looking for information.

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When I first started using CryptoCompare they had around 50k registered people and right now they have over 700 thousand. The growth of the site has been stunning.

One of my favorite cryptocurrency coins of this moment is Sucre. I really like Sucre because its focus on the Latin-American community. As its based on Dash technology we can call it the Latin Dash.

I’m really glad to report that Sucre has now been added to CryptoCompare! Well… as a matter of fact, they were already added for quite some time, but since Sucre wasn’t trading on an exchange that CryptoCompare does business with in terms of statistic sharing you could add Sucre to your portfolio but it would not populate any stats.

That has changed as of today!!!

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Schermafbeelding 2018-02-14 om 20.57.19.png

So if you’re on CryptoCompare and have Sucre, go and check it out! You will now see stats and can therefore track it’s progress.

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