Thanks to our daughter I’ve been photographed for the biggest amusement park in The Netherlands!

A little while ago I’ve written this post about landing a supporting role in a Dutch movie. I joked about perhaps being the first Dutch “movie star” on Steemit.

I would have never pursued anything in acting myself, it was because of our daughter (she was the one who wanted to pursue acting and got cast in a supporting role) and to my surprise I was asked to join in on the fun on the day that I went to the set to bring our daughter so I got a supporting role as well and we both ended up in the movie.

A while ago our daughter also got asked if she wanted to get photographed for a marketing campaign for the biggest amusement park in The Netherlands which is called The Efteling. It is perhaps the most beautiful and enchanting amusement park in Europe. Here’s a photo of the entrance:


Our daughter said yes and we all went to the amusement park together. We got to enter through the personnel entrance where she got welcomed, received instructions etc. and my wife and I got to spend a day for free in the park. Every now and then we saw our daughter with the crew and a few other kids drive by in a special car which transported them from location to location. As soon as they arrived at an attraction they were escorted in and everyone else had to wait for the pictures to get taken. A real smooth operation.

She got shot a bunch of times in a lot of different attractions and the photos can be seen on the Efteling website, in print on flyers and every now and then we see the photos get used on other platforms like Facebook in adds.

While being there I was asked if I wanted to join in on the fun again as with the movie! So I said yes again and got to ride in a few attractions along with our daughter and tried to be the best ‘model’ I could be.

This was all a few months ago and to my surprise one of the photos that I am in got used in a Facebook add along with one of our daughters!

Here’s the proof:



If you don’t know us, you wouldn’t know who we are so I’ve added circles and arrows to point us out:



It’s fun to suddenly see yourself on the big screen in a movie theatre as well as in photographs on different platforms. Again, this isn’t anything I want to pursue but if our daughter wants to do any more of this kind of work and I happen to go with her and I’ll get asked I might just say yes again.

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