Tournament Amsterdam 25-01-2015

fencing poseOn the 25th of January I fenced at a tournament held in Amsterdam. I hadn’t trained as much as I had hoped due to the flu and the holiday period but these kind of tournaments are always good practice and I had nothing better to do so I packed my fencing bag and went to Amsterdam.

There were a total of 49 fencers, a few of them from other countries. In the first round I managed to win 5 bouts and I lost 1 with one point difference against a guy I had never seen before, a young guy called Randy Postma from The Netherlands. After this first round I was ranked 3rd. This meant that I automatically received a bye and didn’t have to fence the first elimination to get to the best 32.

At the best 32 I had to fence Michel van der Klip from The Netherlands. The bout started off pretty equally but I managed to get ahead and in the end I won with 15-9. At the best 16 I had to fence against Stéphane Ganeff, also a Dutch fencer. Fencing against Stéphane is always difficult and even though I was super tired and my fencing arm started to hurt I knew that I could win. We also started off pretty equally and in the end I managed to get ahead and I held that advantage resulting in a 15-10 win. I got to the best 8 of the tournament and I felt like that was a rather good result at this point in time.

At the best 8 I had to fence Randy Postma again, he surprised me in the first round but I knew what I had to do in order to beat him. During this match I managed to get ahead with 8-4, but I couldn’t keep the advantage. I was tired and arm started to really hurt. He came back. Then I managed to get ahead and set the score to 10-8 but in the end I couldn’t continue doing what was needed in order to win and I eventually lost with 15-13. I finished at the 5th place in total, I was bummed that my body was keeping me back but overall it was good practice.

You can check the complete results here.

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