Tournament Delft 22-02-2015

name on the backOn the 22nd of February this year I participated at a tournament held in Delft. A bunch of years ago I actually won this tournament but I knew that this time it was going to be different story, getting to where i’m supposed to get physically is turning out to be a lot more difficult then it used to be. But this is just a matter of time, in time the right fencing will come…

The tournament started with 45 participants, of course mostly Dutch with a few foreigners. In the first round I managed to win all 6 bouts. I was particularly happy to beat Ramiro Pareja Veredas from Spain. Ramiro surely knows how to fence. There’s a difference between fencers who know what they are doing, are able to read the opponents game and adjust their game to it and then there are fencers that don’t actually know what they’re doing and simply do ‘stuff’. The thing with epee though is that, especially in first rounds when it’s about getting 5 hits, if you’re not really focussed anyone can surprise you and beat you. Ramiro Pareja knows what he’s doing perfectly well though and I felt good about beating him. Here’s a video of that bout:

Here’s a video of the bout against Melvin Jongenelis (Netherlands):

And here’s a video of the bout against Peter Bijker (Netherlands):

After the first round I was ranked 5th meaning that there were 4 other fencers that had an even better result than I did. Either way I had a good start to begin the elimination rounds with. My 5th place gave me a bye into the next round so I automatically advanced to the best 32 of the tournament. At the best 32 I had to fence against  Maurice Verburgh from The Netherlands. I won this bout rather easy with 15-9 and I made it to the best 16.

At the best 16 I had to fence against Peter Bijker again. I’ve known Peter for a very long time and I knew what I had to do in order to beat him. Luckily my physique wasn’t working against me in this bout and I won 15-8. I made it to the best 8 of the tournament.

In this quarter final I had to fence against Ramiro Pareja again. I knew that it was going to be a whole other bout than it was in the first round, Ramiro wasn’t simply going to fence the same. It turned out to be a very tough bout for me physically and I just wasn’t up for it. I wasn’t able to find a good answer against his tactic early on in the match and I made a lot of errors, there were a few moments where I did the right thing at first leaving him unable to score but I couldn’t either… my arm locked up or I missed too much. Sometimes these moments can define the further outcome of a match but this day it wasn’t going to go my way. Ramiro had the best tactic and got the points he needed to make at the right moments and beat me in the end with 15-7.

All taken into account I had some very good moments and I felt better about my fencing since the last tournament. My end result was 8th. You can check the complete results here.

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