Tournament Madrid 29 and 30-11-2014

fencing Madrid 2014At the end of 2014 I was contacted by Juan Pinto Nolla, a Colombian fencer and trainer, who has close contacts within the Colombian fencing federation. He came to the Netherlands to ask me if I wanted to pick up my epee’s again and start fencing for my country of birth, Colombia. This time the timing was right (I was asked several times before) and I started training again in order to eventually compete on the highest level possible… We will see how that goes in the near future.

I completely quit fencing in 2007, after being 5th of the world on the juniors ranking list and having some remarkable results on senior world cup tournaments, and ever since I practically didn’t do anything to remain in shape. I tried to compete for the Netherlands again somewhere around 2012 but I only trained and competed for about half a year and I quit again. This time I was sure that I would not want to compete for The Netherlands again.

So I started training again at the end of 2014 and in November I decided to travel to Madrid to compete at the international tournament on the 29th of november. I knew it was going to be very tough, especially since physically and conditionally I was a wreck. My goal was to make it to the second day of the tournament, that would show that I still had some fencing in me. I remember I was really nervous and I started getting sick right before the tournament… I only hoped I could win some bouts.

There were a total of 173 fencers. In the first round I somehow managed to win 4 bouts, I lost only 2. This ranked me 46th out of the remaining 167 fencers. At the elimination round of 128 I had to fence Gerard Gonell Tomas from Spain. It was a very close match and in the end I started leading, it was a shame Gerard had to give up due to an injury but it made me advance to the best 64. At 64 I had to fence Jaime de la Fuente Diez from Spain and I won rather easy with 15-11. This made me advance to the second day so I achieved my goal! Of 173 fencers only the best 32 of day one remained in the tournament and I was one of them.

fencing Madrid 2014

The second day I was very surprised that we had to start all over with a new first round, where normally I was used to begin with elimination bouts immediately. I was sicker than the day before so I knew it was to be harder for me to fence lots of bouts. This day the best 23 fencers of Spain (they had a bye into the second day) joined the best 32 of day one so we were 55 in total now. This round I only managed to win 1 bout and I lost 5 of them. This result ranked me 51st and it wasn’t good enough to remain in the tournament and I was eliminated directly. All taken into account I think this result was very good for the state that I was physically in and I really could not have asked for more.

You can check the complete results here.

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