Tournament Utrecht 29-03-2015

allard testing epee

On the 29th of march I participated in a tournament held in Utrecht. After having fenced a few of these tournaments again in The Netherlands I was starting to feel better and better about my capabilities with better results coming in a matter of time. I am still considering these tournaments as good training though.

At this tournament there were a total of 46 participants, with a few foreigners from Germany, Great Britain and Spain. In the first round I managed to win 5 matches and I lost one bout to Christian Jelders from The Netherlands. I must say that I wasn’t really focussed during the entire first round, fencing really laid back and Christian managed to surprise me with some well timed and well performed attacks which I was simply too late for to parry and counter… he deserved the win.

Here’s a video of the match against Melvin Jongenelis (Netherlands):

Here’s a video of the match against Remko Allen (Netherlands):

Here’s a video of the match against Floris van Seumeren (Netherlands):

Here’s a video of the match against Levy van Winden (Netherlands):

After the first round I good a good ranking which gave me a bye into the next round, passing to the best 32 immediately. At the best 32 I had to fence against John Hyde from Great Britain. After a slow first three minutes it became a rather easy match for me to win and in the end I won with 15-5 (if I can remember it correctly). I passed to the best 16 of this tournament.

At the best 16 I had to fence against Peter Bijker again. Over the years I encountered him quite often and recently I had beaten him in Delft. This time I managed to beat him again, not running into any major problems during the bout. I believe the end result was 15-8 (again, if I remember it correctly, the complete results haven’t been posted online yet, only the final ranking).

Here’s a video of the match against Peter Bijker (Netherlands):

With this win I managed to reach the quarter finals (best 8) again as I did all previous tournaments here in The Netherlands. From this point on I felt that the training job was done for today, a rather bad mindset to begin the next elimination bout with though but it is what it is.

allard fencing

This quarter final I had to fence Matthijs de Vries (Netherlands). Matthijs is good fencer that was in the Dutch team a few years ago. He fenced a good bout against me, even though I came back during the match and managed to get a few points ahead I wasn’t able to keep this advantage. I must say that the referee made 2 extremely arguable decisions which weren’t in my favor. Both times Matthijs attacked and I parried as he came close, leaving him unable to score while being in front or next to me but he scored after he clearly passed me both time. In both cases I argued against the touch and in both cases the referee decided that they were valid… I was happily surprised that the second time that this happened Matthijs himself declared that it wasn’t a valid touch. If only he had done this the first time as well…. but it still showed good sportsmanship from his side. In the end I lost 13-12 because I ran out of time, I could have attacked one final time to try to even the score and go into extra time but the final 6 seconds passed without me finding a good moment to attack. It was a nice match though with some nice points made on both sides.

I ended up at the 7th place this time, the final ranking can be seen here.

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