Verge & Radiocrypto & John Mcafee?!

ow I don’t really know what the deal is with Verge and their Radiocrypto… I don’t even know why they have a radio service in the first place, why they have it in their own wallet or why they worked so hard on rebranding it from Verge Radio to Radiocrypto with it’s own website (which isn’t even finished yet) while there are plenty of other things to do.

But I have to write about it because today I saw a tweet in which was announced that the man, the myth, the legend himself… John McAfee will be on Radiocrypto today. I don’t follow Vergedev, but I follow the official Vergecurrency account and that’s why it showed up on my timeline:

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-11 om 09.32.10.png

They liked the post that Brian McCrillis shared with the above Vergedev tweet in it. Verge themselves haven’t even announced it on their own account which is a bit strange for my taste.

But then again… the entire Verge project is a little strange marketing wise… I mean, their tech is supposed to be awesome but we’re still waiting on something to have a major impact in the privacy centric crypto space, yet the stuff we mostly read about is about their own website rebuild/rebranding and Radiocrypto…

Five days ago I wrote this post which was good news. An updated roadmap means a lot to the community, but they haven’t followed up (via Twitter at least) since.

Having John McAfee on your radio show is pretty cool… but will it really help the development of Verge tech? What’s the goal with this? I also wonder how much time they spend trying to even get him on the show? Ah well… I won’t tune in… hopefully they’ll talk about interesting stuff which will be highlighted via their own Twitter account 😉

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