Wagerr is going to deliver soon! A video appeared showing their wallet!

I’ve had my eye on the @wagerr project ever since their ICO. It was the first and the only ICO I participated in. I did it because I had never participated in one and wanted to see how it worked but more importantly, I really liked the idea of Wagerr.

Wagerr wants to get its share of the betting industry market which is a huge market. As Wagerr promised to deliver a staking wallet and masternodes it seems like a good coin to hold as well. I really like their idea of what they call an Oracle Masternode which basically is a masternode that performs extra services. In return Oracle masternode owners will receive a percentage of betting fees on top regular masternode rewards.

So I’ve been eager to get my hands on the actual wallet in order to at least start staking and I’m looking forward to setting up a masternode or an Oracle masternode whenever that becomes available.

Unlucky for me and a lot of other Wagerr enthusiasts… Wagerr was supposed to be live already but they missed a few go-live dates… the team communicated openly about missing those dates and kept on developing. But we never really saw any tech so the FUD at times was very real… up until yesterday!

Yesterday Wagerr posted a video on Vimeo which shows their wallet. It’s only about a minute long but at least we can see the wallet in a working (test) environment. We can also see some functionality being addressed from the debug console. So this video is an awesome teaser! I believe the new go-live date is supposed to be February 16th. Save the date.

Let’s hope the team will finally deliver!

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