Wagerr is making moves!

Got some exciting news to share about @wagerr, the decentralized sportsbook.

A few days ago they announced that they’re getting ready for the World Cup and that they’re working on licensing.

Today Wagerr announced that they’re sponsoring Ryan Ford (a boxer) which is great news because it will help promote Wagerr to a broad audience.


But that’s not all. More important news was released as well. Today we got to read more about their licensing plans as well. Apparently Wagerr is pursuing a gaming license in Malta. In order to achieve the license, Wagerr partnered with ICOinMalta and iGamingAdvisor on the road to formal licensure.

With the World Cup starting in June and their plans to have betting capabilities in place as well as their Oracle Masternodes and possible licensing… these coming months will be very exciting!

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