Wagerr is starting to look really good! Q1 of 2018 will be extremely important!

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The Wagerr project has high potential in my opinion. The betting industry is in need of a revolution and as with many other industries, blockchain technology seems to be the answer. The Wagerr team doesn’t communicate much though and I believe this has caused the price of the coin to drop overtime, also because they haven’t really delivered anything yet, but when they do send out an e-mail or post something online you can immediately see a big price spike after it. People are keeping a serious eye on this project.

A few days ago I received an e-mail from the team with their latest updates and almost immediately after it the price spiked and it’s holding well.

The updates

  • The team announced that they have expanded.
  • Marketing plans have been revamped.
  • They have updated their roadmap.

More people onboard means more work can be done so that is awesome. It’s good that they’ve recognized again that they need to keep communicating so the revamped marketing plans is also a good thing. The best news however is their updated roadmap.

Q1 will be extremely important

Their roadmap states that they plan to release their mainnet and their testnet on January 15th. It will be extremely important for the team to release it in time and successfully. If they managed to do this I believe this will have a huge effect on the price.

Oracle masternodes

The team also recently announced that they will start to use masternodes which they call Oracle masternodes. The specifics can be looked up in their white paper but it seems they have a hard limit on the amount of masternodes and it will be first come first serve. Whether or not this is ‘hardcoded’ I don’t know, but either way… it’s good marketing.

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More and more projects take the masternode route and I believe it’s a good thing, especially for the decentralization aspect of blockchains. I know I’ll be looking into this one because I do think that Wagerr, if they can deliver on time, will be one of the big surprises of 2018.

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