Wagerr will be added to a new exchange soon!

In case you haven’t heard… the Wagerr mainnet has gone live a couple of days ago. Finally! Here’s how they feel about it:

Schermafbeelding 2018-02-21 om 14.53.44.png

F*ck yeah indeed!

What we’re seeing right now is that functionality is being released slowly. Right now the wallet’s are live, the mainnet is running, blocks are coming in, Wagerr can be send in and out, tokens from the Waves Dex can be swapped and arrive in our wallets within the hour. There were some minor startup issues but they were ironed out and everything appears to be running smoothly now.

I’m expecting a guide in order to setup masternodes very very soon. Currently we’re close to block 7300 and Wagerr had announced that reward functionality (staking and masternode rewards) will be enabled at/after block 10000 so that will be soon. There are some people who already succeeded in setting up masternodes so we know it works but many people will probably wait for an official guide.

On another note…

Wagerr will be added to a new exchange soon!

How do I know? Well, it appears the rumor is out. Take a look at this:


So what do we know?

  • New exchange will announce the addition of Wagerr soon.
  • They’re going to go do so with premium marketing effort.
  • It’s a top 5 exchange.

If you’re interested in Wagerr it appears that right now is still a good time to join them in their betting industry revolution efforts. But don’t wait too long to do so… I bet (see what I did here?) that Wagerr will rise soon!

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